Reap the benefits of our expertly designed patio sliding doors


Built to enhance homes across Nottingham and beyond

Whether you are looking to complement an ultra-modern new build or replace an existing door set, our patio sliding doors are perfect for effortlessly injecting elegance into the home or garden room, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Brought to you from The Origin, the patio slider’s classic design lends itself to any style of property, and as it’s completely bespoke, it can be tailored to coordinate with your taste and any style of property in Nottingham. Work with Haus Development Group and build a clear vision of what this could look like for your home.

Bespoke to your home

There are two sightline options available with this system (either 44mm or 77mm). The slimmer variant (the OS-44) provides you with the opportunity to maximise glass, which will allow an abundance of natural light to flood into your home. The OS-77 offers a slightly more traditional style in its larger sightlines. Made from high-grade aluminium, the Origin Patio Slider allows for a practical and elegant solution, without any compromise on security or performance.

  • Completely bespoke for your home
  • Practical and elegant
  • Effortless operation
  • Allows for natural light to fill your home

    A system that doesn’t just slide, it glides

    The system’s expertly designed running gear means doors pass each other flawlessly, showcasing smooth operation even after years of use. Combined with your choice of double or track configuration, the individual doors can be opened as you wish – to the left, right or even in the middle. Irrespective of how you choose to operate your sliding patio doors, the quality carriage system and robust runner make operation simple, with weighted bearings that prevent any movement once in place. All this functionality is tidily concealed allowing the tracks to blend into the door frames, promoting the overall aesthetic even further, and preventing any accidents!
    In addition to each element being impeccably crafted, the sleek tracks can be recessed into the floor for a flush finish and transition from inside and out. This design allows you to open your patio sliding doors and step out into the world, without obstruction. Extremely strong, yet weighing two-thirds less than steel, Origin’s premium grade aluminium creates the perfect balance between being visually breath-taking and structurally secure. As expected, the manufacturer uses prime billets of aluminium allowing The Haus Development Group to bring you the ultimate product.

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