With functional, always stylish bifolding doors


Maximise your home’s potential

Reduce your fuel consumption and enjoy the beauty of natural light flooding into your home through the introduction of our energy efficient bifolding doors. These innovative systems combine masterful build and style for the ultimate option in terms of practicality and design.

Bifold doors continue to be a popular choice amongst our customers, showcasing robust mechanisms that allow the panels to slide and fold back seamlessly. Being extremely compact, bifold doors are perfect for most applications, including smaller properties across Nottingham, and work as a great way to maximise space and bring the outdoors in.

Bring the outdoors in

With large glass windows, bifolding doors not only offer an uninterrupted view of your world; they also allow you to be closer to nature and your garden. Whilst creating the perfect bridge between your indoor and outdoor space, the addition of double or triple glazing means you won’t need to worry about losing heat or draughts. Just secure systems that help to keep your home warmer for longer.

  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • A link between your garden and home
  • Compact and open

    An extra level of protection for your property

    Although misconceptions have led to many people thinking bifold doors are less secure than the traditional solid systems of days gone by, these products have been designed to offer an exceptional level of security without compromising on the aesthetic. Offering an ultra-secure collection from Origin Home, The Haus Development Group Limited can offer a solution that complements your home and your lifestyle.
    The impressive components that make up your bifold door have been meticulously tested to withstand heavy use and the extremities. With this, we’re confident in the level of security these systems can offer, as well as the flawless performance of each element that brings your system together. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch with our team today.

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