Orangeries and conservatories


We can design and build an orangery or conservatory to beautifully complement your home

The team at Nottingham-based The Haus Development Group Limited have designed and built conservatories and orangeries that make a wonderful addition to almost any home. If you have space for a small extension to your property, we can create a wonderful space that brings your home and garden together. All projects are completed by our expert in-house team.

We want to make sure you get the result you want, so we’ll work closely with you to ensure that we understand exactly what you need, and you understand exactly what we can offer.

Why add an orangery or conservatory?

Most of us have found ourselves wishing we had a little more space at home at one time or another, and there are a whole variety of options available to make that possible. Orangeries and conservatories are a popular choice as they add a unique space to a home, bringing the house and garden together in a way that traditional extensions can’t.
  • Create a smooth and natural transition from your home to your garden
  • Add a warm and comfortable space from which to enjoy your garden all year round
  • Add living space for you and your family to enjoy

    Choosing the right option for your home

    WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ORANGERY AND A CONSERVATORY? Choosing the right option for your home An orangery is a brick-built extension to your home, featuring large windows and a roof lantern designed to let in a large amount of daylight. As something closer to a traditional extension, they may add more value to a property, and tend to retain warmth slightly better. However, adding an orangery to your home is generally more expensive than a conservatory. Conservatories are glass structures with a brick base and a slanted glass roof. This glass construction allows more daylight in than any other option, and as such is ideal for people who want to enjoy natural light in their home. However, this construction is less well insulated, and requires more heating if you like the warmth! To find out more about either option, get in touch.

    For orangeries or conservatories in the Nottingham area, call The Haus Development Group Limited.

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