Brighten your home with roof glazing and skylights


Working with Stratus to bring advanced, purpose-designed products to Nottingham

Allow natural light to penetrate your home and add a new dimension to your space with the addition of roof glazing. Lantern roofs and roof lights create a stylish yet timeless look for any room, brightening dark rooms and giving the illusion of increased space throughout your home.

Utilising products from Stratus, tried and trusted by the UK, The Haus Development Group can manage the entire installation, from preparation to those final touches. Simply contact our team to discuss the process.

Beautiful and practical

Behind the minimalist and contemporary styles of our roof glazing systems sits a thermally broken system which keeps your space cool during the summer and warm throughout the winter months. The polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks can prove to be up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional roof systems, helping you lower your energy bills whilst creating the comfortable environment you desire.

  • Discreet yet stylish
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Your choice of design and finish
  • Ideal in creating light and airy space

    Contemporary designs for modern living

    Contemporary designs for modern living
    For optimum view of the sky above, and that next level finish, Stratus glazed roofing and lantern roofs have been designed with minimalism in mind. The low profile 20″ pitch allows for the use of purpose-designed cappings, which reduce sightlines. Combined with the discreet finish of the perimeter beam, the installation will look as good from below as it does above.
    Whichever design you choose or size you require, The Haus Development Group will work with you to achieve your desired results. Each system supports the ridge using hip rafters and is powder coated for additional durability, available in your choice of white or grey interior finish. The results? An ultra slim, clean and modern look.

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